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About Us

Our Mission


Kobi Digital is a full-service lead generation agency backed by some of the top names in performance marketing and venture capital.


We are an industry leader in lead generation through cultivation of mutually beneficiary relationships, resulting in growth for all parties involved.The fulfillment of this objective is strongly reflected in our values.


Every customer is unique. The leads we provide are fresh from opt-in responses to targeted questions crafted uniquely for each partner we work with.


A curious frame of mind inclines us to constantly make new discoveries about what works best for our clients.


As a company we foster and develop our staffs’ talent to ensure growth in their unique skills, experiences and knowledge. The more clever our team, the smarter our solutions.


We revel in our ability to provide qualified leads to our customers. Our long experience in performance marketing warrants maximum value from every lead.

Roeland Schoppers
Managing Director
Stefanie Severien
Head of Performance Marketing
Geoffrey Punsalan
Affiliate Manager
Diana Eltze
Campaign Integration Manager
Zishan Akram
Finance Director
Daphna Rodriguez
Head of Business Development
Andrea Sanna
Business Development Manager
Yomi Oladokun
Lead Generation Consultant
Shannon Wilson
Marketing Intern
Tim de Jong
Tech Consultant
Daniel Merayo
Lead Developer
Petro Nyankovskyy
Senior Full Stack Developer

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