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B2B Emailing
B2B Emailing

Reach Workers In Their Inbox

Recent research by McKinsey shows that over a quarter of the time spend at work is related to emails or following up on emails. Given an 8-hour workday, email-related activities add up to around 2 hours a day. A draining activity that burdens your focus and productivity. Sounds familiar?


If you are a company looking for business partners or you sell a service or product that is geared towards convincing business partners, rethink your strategy.

Our email inbox is the most intimate environment, as we fully control it. Emails are read much, much more often than social media updates. Bottom line: put more effort into your email marketing campaigns than in social media when B2B is your core business.


That doesn’t mean it’s easy to be read. Less than half of emails deserve attention. Recent research shows that the average work-inbox includes only 38% relevant emails. This means that 62% is not important. Just a few years back, a number of relevant emails were significantly higher in a similar study. This means that the signal to noise ratio is vastly increasing.  


The amount of time spend in the inbox is much higher than time spent on social media. There’s a missed opportunity here, as plenty of B2B advertising budget is spend on social media. Those channels, however, aren’t optimized to meet B2B needs. A much better proposition is to meet your B2B audience with work-related offers in the channel they use for that purpose. You may surely hope that key decision moments are made not while browsing Facebook, but rather in the inbox.


Not to mention reach: email has whopping 3x more users than Facebook and Twitter combined, and as aforementioned, so much of our working time is spend in it! Compare usage of email marketing for B2C and for B2B, and you will find that B2B email campaigns outperform those for B2C on emailing channels anytime.


It’s time to get more leads for your B2B sales funnel. Did you know Kobi Digital also sells highly targeted B2B email databases to support and enhance your high-value sales efforts?


‘The main takeaway is to make sure to get into that inbox. We’re releasing an eBook in just 2 weeks explaining how to start a successful email marketing campaign. Stay tuned!’




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