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Data Driven Trends
Data Driven Trends

How Well Do You Perform?

Recent research has analyzed companies to unveil what the most important data-driven trends for their organization are right now.

 The main components under consideration are the channels and software that companies use, and whether they already run a communication strategy for communication and whether the implementation of marketing automation systems is as simple as was projected.

1⃣️ Channels

Email still stands out at number 1 as the most used channel, but is also effectively supported by other channels for total multi-channel communication.

Marketers mainly use direct mail as support. Subsequent, the social channels to support the multi-channel communication.

Main takeaway: Be aware of your target group. Where are they? While email is the most effective channel and social media seems popular, maybe communicating your company/product through social media isn’t the most effective way to reach your target group. Always adjust your channels to your strategy.

2⃣️ Omni-channel
Many marketers still regard the omni-channel strategy as unclear, although it is essential in the coming years. Only a few organizations use omni-channel in their communication strategy. The majority still operate with the multi-channel strategy. Some laggards even use only one or two channels to reach their audience. A missed opportunity, as it means integrating all channels to serve one singular purpose.  Channels compliment each other. Bridges between online and offline channels become shorter or disappear - all channels serve a unanimous function and add value to each other.

Main takeaway: Your company hasn’t applied the omni-channel strategy in your communication strategy yet? Be aware of the success of this upcoming trend and start today now the you’re still one of the early adopters in this case for a better reach of your prospects.


3⃣️ Marketing automation

There has been no growth in implementation of marketing automation over the past year or so.  However, implementing automation software remains an important point for the marketing of data teams. Most marketers indicate that they will have marketing automation software in the future or plan to implement it.


Main takeaway: Every company is different and every potential customer wants something different. It is important that each lead receives other information, tailor-made. Automation software keeps track of where leads are interested and automatically sends the right information to them, saving you time and money.

4⃣️ Big data

Compared to last year, the number of companies with billions of transactions has doubled. The expectation is an increase of 50%, double or manyfold in data volume.  After that, data volumes will grow ev in the future.

Main takeaway: Those who think of using a strategy to use big data will distance themselves from the rest and above them. Big data should not be viewed as a problem but as an opportunity to deepen yourself as a company in new trends and relationships. The patterns that surface help you improve customer satisfaction, save money, and grow your business.


5⃣️ Real-time
Email interactions and web visits are the most sought after real-time feeds for. Financial transaction data feeds of operating systems follow subsequently. Demand for real-time data continues to rise, corresponding to trends such as dynamic content and real-time ad bidding.

Main takeaway: In order to analyze information and activate campaign automation up to the minute, real-time data is increasingly important.


6⃣️ Other Important trends
The most important trend for organizations in 2017 is the customer journey. 80% of respondents indicated this. Data protection compliance followed as the number two and at number three omni-channel followed by real-time at the fourth place.

Main takeaway: It is very complex to map out the customer journey properly, yet still it is important to do this well. The delegates indicated that the customer's experience is very decisive for the long-term success of the brand.


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