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New Managing Director Appointment
New Managing Director Appointment

Kobi Digital Announces New Managing Director

Kobi Digital Board of Directors convened on 10 October 2017 and has taken the decisions unanimously to appoint Roeland Schoppers as Managing Director of Kobi Digital, promoting him from his previous position as Operations Director.

Schoppers has been working at Kobi Digital for the past 2 years, bringing a wealth of knowledge, management skills and support to the company. He has been instrumental in Kobi’s growth and has continuously proved himself to be a leader who is able to execute decisions and explore and evaluate opportunities that will put Kobi on a trajectory for growth and innovation. He has helped lead, execute and grow multiple projects with confidence and quickly rose through the company’s ranks.

“The board is very excited about the promotion of Mr. Schoppers, and is sure that within his new role he will play an even bigger part in the growth of the company. Adding the insights and leadership of Mr. Schoppers to our director’s team we will be better able to keep continuing our current growth and performance. “, said Mr. de Boer, CEO of Kobi Digital.



On his new role, Mr. Schoppers commented, “In my first interview I was told Kobi Digital was a company that was growing rapidly and the position I was being hired for wouldn’t necessarily be the position I would end up with. I didn’t realise just how true that was at the time. It’s incredible and inspiring to see such genuine involvement with and caring for the employees by the owners. To be given opportunities right from the start to learn as much as possible by being involved at all levels is truly remarkable. Kobi has not just become the company I work for, it’s become like a child to me. It fills me with pride to see what we’ve achieved. And I couldn’t be more grateful and excited for being given the chance to be even more directly involved in Kobi’s success and growth.”

Founded in 2014, Kobi Digital is a full-service lead generation agency backed by some of the top names in performance marketing. We create tailor-made, opt-in campaigns to identify consumers with a real interest in their clients’ products or services. With in-house tech, data science and media buying teams they are industry leaders and at the forefront of innovation. We are proud to say that Kobi Digital has been announced as Netherland’s #4 fastest growing tech company in 2017. Past and present campaigns include brands such as Virgin, AXA, Greenpeace, American Express, Expedia and Uber. We are currently active in 7 countries worldwide: AU, NZ, UK, NL, BE and IT and continue to expand rapidly across the world. Generating quality leads every month for top brands in insurance, travel, retail, finance, telecoms, education, energy and more. Kobi Digital has offices in Amsterdam and Bangkok which continue to grow rapidly.


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