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Inbound Marketing
Inbound Marketing

Inbound Marketing and How it Works

Inbound marketing is an approach utilised by companies to get attention from potential customers through a variety of tools and strategies. Unlike outbound marketing, inbound marketing is centred around your target consumers interests and by using this strategy, you attract people who are already interested in the service you offer. This technique focuses on adding value at every step of the way! Find out how by reading the following article. 

1.     Attract your ideal consumers

Inbound marketing is an effective tool because it grabs the attention of the persons who are most interested in your product. You want people who need your service already and who are most likely to become your customers. To ensure inbound marketing is successful, you have to first understand your target audience. By doing so, you can tailor content to suit to your potential customer’s needs, wants and interests. This content can then be posted on various social networking sites where people are redirected to your website where they can purchase your products or get a quote for your services. Blogging is another effective way you can attract prospective clients. Many companies have a blogging section on their website and the subject of these posts are usually in line with either what their company does or what their customers are interested in. Make sure your website is appealing and functional, an attractive webpage that works is sure to keep visitors on your site for longer.


2.     Convert consumers into customers

Once you have attracted the desired prospective customers to your website with the strategies mentioned, you need to cultivate them into actual leads. You can do this by offering something of value, which can be anything from a newsletter to an e-book to a free consult. The strategies you can use at the stage of inbound marketing include, call-to-actions (CTA) and landing pages. A call-to-action is a button that is used as a way to get consumers to ‘take action’. The button will usually say something like, ‘subscribe’ or ‘click to download e-book’. After clicking the CTA, visitors will be directed to a landing page where they fill in some of their personal details in a form. This information can then be used to interact with your leads at a later stage. 


3.     Close

In order to bring it all home and turn your leads into clients, you need to nurture them through emailing, staying on top of trends and ranking your leads by quality. Using email addresses or even phone numbers that have been provided by the CTA, you can contact potential clients to query whether they would be interested in your services. Once you are communicating with your prospects, you can answer their questions and give reasons why your services are valuable to them. It is best to rank your leads in order of priority, if you know a lead is more likely to be interested in your service then be sure to make contact with that person first.


4.     Delight

At the end of the day, inbound marketing is meant to help build trust in your brand and long-lasting relationships with your customers. This in turn makes them more likely to use your services again and recommend your company to other people. Word of mouth then becomes a part of the inbound marketing strategy!


Tip: Having analytics can help you make more constructive content that your audience responds better to. If a post has done well in the past, focus on doing similar posts rather than repeating content that has been less successful. 


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