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Digital marketing
Digital marketing

5 reasons your Digital Marketing strategy is not working for you (and how you can fix it)

As you know Digital marketing is a powerful strategy that uses technological devices and or the internet to advertise a company’s services or products. This technique encompasses search engine optimization, social media, emailing and websites. However, it can be difficult to know how to get these dimensions to work effectively in order to achieve your goals, convert leads and increase sales. Here are some reasons why your digital marketing strategy may not be working and some ways to get your strategy to work more effectively.

You don’t know your target audience

The first step to any marketing strategy whether it is online or otherwise is to understand who you are marketing to. You need to understand what they are looking for, where to find them and how to help them. In digital marketing finding these consumers has never been easier, it is creating content that resonates with them that is causing the problem. Do some research into your target audience, see what companies in the same industry are doing and lastly test. You learn the most through trial and error. If something is working really well then keep doing that and the same goes for if your content is not working out: change it.


You don’t collect data

Data collection is essential to any marketing campaign, especially during the trial and error phase of your digital strategy when you’re still working out what works and what does not. Collecting data should be a priority as it also enables you to facilitate a more personal user experience that appeals to your target consumers. If you do not collect data or you do but you are not utilising the information, then get started using a tool like google analytics. This will tell you how users got to your site and what content is working most effectively.


You are inconsistent

With digital marketing it is necessary to have a content plan that you follow. This plan should keep you posting regularly but not so much that it comes across as spammy. Your customers and prospects need to see or hear from you online fairly often. Remarketing builds trust and gives you several chances to generate a lead or make a sale. This goes for all content be it blog posts, Instagram posts, Facebook etc. If you post whenever you can, your customers will pick up on that and so will search engines, so it is imperative you stay consistent in your digital strategy.


You don’t engage

Social media is called “social” media for a reason, people expect you to engage on the platform. It does no good to post something once or twice a week and leave it at that. You have to actively participate on your social media. That means liking and commenting on the posts of the people you are following, answering your inbox messages and engaging with users who comment on your posts in a timely fashion. Scheduling one hour in your day to engage is a step in right direction on the way to getting your digital marketing strategy to work.


You aren’t using visual content

Pictures, infographics, block quotes and video are extremely important to include in your digital strategy. Videos are booming right now and according Smallbiztrends by “2019, global consumer Internet video traffic will account for 80% of all consumer Internet traffic.” You absolutely have to include some video in your digital marketing plan as well as high quality visual images. Good content shows consumers that you value them and represents your brand well online.


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