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Conference Preparing
Conference Preparing

How to prepare for (and make the most out of) a conference

The Affiliate World Conference in Barcelona ends today and what an incredible experience it has been. Attending a conference is an excellent way to boost business as well as your own personal career. It is a great opportunity to network, learn about the latest trends in your industry and gain some new skills. Also, there are usually a lot of freebies involved! However, there are a few things that need to be organized prior to the event to ensure that you are able to enjoy and make the most out of the conference! Here are a couple of things we recommend you take care of before during and after attending a conference.

Plan Ahead

There is always a long list of things to organize before any conference which usually includes the banners for your booth, any extra things you want to add to your booth, air tickets, hotel bookings, getting extra business cards etc. It is important to ensure you meet the deadlines for the artwork for the conference and start getting organized early to avoid being stressed later. Also, air tickets and hotel bookings are always cheaper if you book in advance.  



Once you have sorted out the administrative side of things you can start sharing the news that you will be attending. Get your marketing team to design some banners for the company’s social media pages as well as some individual banners for the team members who will be attending. You can then share these banners at different times over the weeks before the conference across the platforms you use in your digital marketing strategy.


Start connecting early

Try and schedule your meetings ahead of time. There are plenty of wonderful people to meet at a conference but trying to meet them on-the-go is not as easy as it sounds. In your promotion of the conference use a landing page or a ‘contact us’ button to plan meetings in advance.


Have a short pitch prepared

Anyone that comes to your booth needs to know what your company offers in less than a minute. Preparing a short succinct pitch can enhance your chances of getting new business. Your pitch should be inviting, interesting, engaging and unobtrusive.


Quality over quantity

Aim to meet with the people who you can potentially work with rather than meeting up with anyone and everyone. If you focus on quality, you ensure that after the conference you have multiple possible avenues for new business. However, if you meet with as many people as you can you may find that you have a lot of business cards to sort through but not a lot of new business to attend to. Choose quality over quantity.


Reconnect soon after the conference

Throughout the duration of the conference you will give out and collect a fair amount of business cards. It is essential that you reconnect or follow up with the people who gave you their cards, generally within a week after attending the conference. Conferences are an excellent way to build relationships as well as grow your business, but you have to engage with the people you meet after the conference has ended to maintain the connection. 


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