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Lead Generation
Lead Generation

How to Generate leads using Facebook

Social media is an excellent tool to use for lead generation and more recently Facebook has proved itself to be invaluable in bringing about more prospective clients. According to statistics from selfstarter, 32% of Facebook users have said they engage with brands regularly on the platform. According to Marketing Land, Facebook mobile ads have 9.1 times more click-through rates than other web ads. So, if you have not included Facebook in your lead generation strategy yet, we recommend you start now using these simple strategies!

Designing your Facebook Ad

Use the Right Image

Choose a high-quality image that resonates with users and falls in line with your brands tone and style. Try keep your photographs simple and easy to understand. Users need to be able to grasp exactly what it is that you are selling in the most uncomplicated way possible.


Headline Practices

When it comes to constructing an appealing headline, using captivating words that interest your target audience is key. Focus on communicating value that encourages users to click on your content. Tone, style and words utilised will vary from company to company.


Choose Contrasting Colours

Designing your advert for Facebook warrants some careful consideration. Being that the Facebook colours are blue and white you want to try and avoid them as they are likely to blend in and users may gloss over the information. Use bright colours with simple designs that jump out at users on the Facebook home page.


Target your Audience

Facebook Ad targeting is feasible and gives you visible returns on your investment in a relatively short amount of time. These ads can be highly targeted as Facebook allows you to choose your preferred customer segment by selecting the location, age group and interest category which ranges from people who are engaged to people who are interested in business to people who are travelling (this list goes on for a while). There are various ways you can do this: the first is by utilising a lookalike target audience. This is done by taking a list of your previous clients and uploading it to Facebook to find people on the social networking site who are similar to them. The second way of doing this is by using Facebooks existing choices to target the people you think would be interested in your services or products.


Use a Lead Generation Landing Page  

Facebook has been optimized to create highly effective landing pages and it is one of the most effective ways to obtain qualified leads. There are two ways you can go about doing this, one is through creating a contest with a prize to be won and the other is through eBooks and email-gated content. A contest is a strategy that has been well used in recent years where you offer potential customers a prize for either liking or commenting on your page and/or giving up their personal information. You select a time period for the contest to run and then at the end of it, one person wins the prize, but you have gained multiple leads to nurture. The other way to generate leads on Facebook is by compiling together blog posts to create a valuable piece of content or by making an eBook that you can then use to promote for free in return for people’s personal information. This content should fall in line with the services that your company can offer so that the leads you get are more likely to convert. It is wise to use A/B testing in this instance to see what your audience respond best to.


If you need high quality leads and Facebook just isn’t doing the trick, please email and we’ll get you the leads you need.


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