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5 ways you can Use LinkedIn for Prospecting

Social selling has become a way of life for most people in sales and LinkedIn is the place where it takes place most. Through this process sales reps are able to generate leads, find prospects and lastly, build trust and long-term relationships with clients on LinkedIn. According to BiznessAPPS, sales people who use this technique create 45% more sales opportunities then those who do not. If you are still one of the sales reps not using LinkedIn to prospect, then now is the time to start! Here are some ways you can make the most out of prospecting on the platform!

Perfect your own profile
Your LinkedIn profile is the number one thing you have to fix to perfection before making a start on searching for prospects. Prospects are likely to view your profile before agreeing to do business with you. If you have an old and faded profile photograph or, you have no headline or background they may decide against working with you. It is best to give as much information about what you are doing, where you have been and have your profile link to the company you are working with currently. Using words like “assisting” or “helping” in your headline rather than just using your job title is a better way to advertise yourself to prospects. This shows how you can help much better than a title which can be ambiguous to potential clients. It does not take long to update and optimize your profile and it can mean the difference between closing a deal or not.


Add your clients to your LinkedIn network

When you successfully impress a prospect and then finally close the deal, ask those new clients to connect with you on LinkedIn. There are many reasons for doing this, number one, you can begin to build and maintain a connection with your customer. Number two, if you end up having a close relationship with your client (which should happen) you can ask them to give you a recommendation for your profile. This will attract new prospects and even more happy customers to write you further recommendations! Number three, you can look your new customers profiles and on the side bar, you will see a section saying, “people also viewed” and then use this to find your next prospect. However, when adding customers, be sure to customise your message and explain why you would like to connect with them and reiterate how you know them.


Look out for people/businesses doing “new” things
New Roles, blogs or hires usually make for excellent prospects. Why? Because these people (or the people making the content) are more likely to try new things and test out new products or services. Send a message congratulating the company/person on their latest post/role/job, tell them who you are, what you do and offer them your services. Even if they are not interested at the time, people love to be congratulated and you will have broken the ice and potentially made a connection for the future!

Use alumni search
LinkedIn has an awesome feature which allows you to see people who studied at the same schools as you have. This is an extremely helpful way to find new prospects as you already have something in common and a nice ice breaker to start off your conversation. LinkedIn will show you were they live, where they work and their job description which gives you plenty of information to start with.


View users who have commented with yours and your client’s posts
When you go through your feed, make sure you pay attention to those engaging with your posts as well as those interacting with client’s posts. These people can often make for some great new prospects. This includes taking a look at your page and seeing who has viewed it recently and seeing whether they may be interested in your product or service.


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