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Email Marketing Tips that can increase clicks and responses

You worked hard on a promotional email, you sent it out at the optimal time, to people who were interested in your service or product and you still struggled to get responses. Welcome to the club. Unfortunately, we live in a world where peoples inboxes are filled with unread mail and longer emails are sometimes sent to the spam box. According to constant contact, 205 billion emails are sent per day which makes it increasingly difficult to get your emails to stand out. Enticing subject lines, shorter emails and call to actions are some ways of improving your email marketing strategy and if you have a look at the article below we have outlined four other ways you can stand out in your prospects inbox!

1.        Do not buy email addresses.

When it comes to buying email addresses, followers or contact details, the answer should always be no. While it can be tempting, especially when trying to get your business going, these people did not consent to receiving the email and they may not be interested in the information. These lists do not increase clicks or responses and it is illegal to use them under GDPR laws, in Europe and for Europeans.


2.        Email new contacts ASAP

Email and respond to people you have met and new subscribers as soon as possible while your conversation and or company are still fresh in their minds. If you have not set up an automated response email, now is the time to do so. All new subscribers and users who requested a quote should receive an email welcoming them to your business. This increases response time and clicks because people remember the conversation. Between 12 and 24 hours is the recommend time to send an email after meeting someone and if you would like to learn more about the follow up email you can read our blog post on that here.


3.        Short, sweet and to the point

Is your work email brimming with new, unread emails? If so, then the last thing you want to do is read and respond to a long unclear email, most people feel the same way. Your emails need to be kept concise and direct, people are more likely to reply sooner if there is a clear direction where people receiving the email can get a clear idea of what your message is without having to wade through pages of words. Another reason to keep your emails short is to avoid being flagged as spam.


4.        Personalise

Always use personal touches in your emails: use the person’s name or last name, mention why they are receiving the email and send the email from a recognized email address. Whether they are newsletters, batch emails or promotional emails, your emails should be sent from an actual person at the company rather than from the company itself. People are wary of opening emails from addresses they are not familiar with.


5.        Clickables

Your emails should have multiple, clickable hyperlinks embedded in the text. Why? Because now that you have got their attention and they have opened your email, you want to make their lives as easy as possible by allowing them to get to your company website and your promotion with the click of a button. This can also be done through a CTA button. Remember, we mentioned that people often skim through their emails? A CTA also helps people identify exactly what you are offering, and it is an easy way for them to respond, they simply click the button, fill in your form or accept your offer and carry on with their day.


6.        Include social Media buttons

Get social with your customers and your prospects, email is not the only way of alerting them to your latest deal or promotion, Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter and Instagram can work just as effectively IF you have followers that are interested in what you are selling. Embed, follow and sharing buttons to increase your company’s exposure and in doing so you can reach more people in the future without having to use paid adverts! This increases your response time and click rates because it shows that your business is active across all spheres of digital marketing.


7.        Optimize your emails for mobile users.

People use their mobiles all the time, on trains, in queues, while waiting for meetings to start and often they use that time to check their emails and respond to the most important ones. However, if your email is unresponsive to a mobile phone then it may well be ignored. Mobile is fast growing and it is often the device where people check their emails, according to emailmonday, mobile accounts for 46% of all email opens.


8.        Always preview and test your emails before sending them.

Always always preview and test and retest your emails before sending. Emails always look different on the design campaign screen then they do on an actual email. Sometimes an image doesn’t show up correctly or a CTA button does not get you to the page it should. It also helps to send the test email to a colleague who has not been working on it. They can give you a fresh perspective on how a client or prospect may like or dislike the content, structure or design of the email upon receiving it.


For more emailing tips, you can read our last post on the follow up email and if you want to stay in the loop on all things to do with lead generation and direct advertising please click subscribe!


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