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Lead generation

5 ways Optimize your website for lead generation

Marketing, search engine optimization and good branding are what lead people to your website, however once they are there you have to make them want to stay and do business with you. Optimizing your website for lead generation is essential but it is not as simple as adding a sign-up button to a page. Here are a few tips and tricks that can help you get your website lead generation ready.

Include a testimonial page

People are often hesitant to hand over their personal information because they do not know what you will do with that information. Having testimonials for prospects to look at increases trust in your brand. These reviews help consumers feel more comfortable and they trust that you will not misuse the information that they give you. When your current clients show that they are pleased with your services it encourages prospects to want to get into business with you.


Have a pop-up Form

There has been some debate about the pop-up form, some people find it aggressive and extremely annoying while others find it to be quite useful especially if it is their second or third time visiting the website. This is still one of the most effective ways to generate leads if you use it correctly. When using these forms, you need to ensure that you are offering something of value to the visitor like signing up to the newsletter, offering a free trial or a request quote form. In order to be successful, these pop-ups need to be timed accurately and show up when you are looking at a certain page so that the user can see a use for them at the times that they are showing up.


Optimize lead generation forms

Make you sign up forms as easy to fill in and as accessible as possible. There are various ways to do this, one is by making sure there is a sign-up form on every page of the website, the other is by having a call to action button on your top menu so at any time of browsing the prospect can decide to fill in the form. Try have as little fields as possible in your form as the prospect may be overwhelmed by having to fill in too much information – keep it short and sweet, you can get other information at a later date.


Say thank you after information has been submitted

Manners are still important regardless of what medium you are in. You need to have a landing page that thanks prospects for the details and letting them know when they can expect a response from you or what they can expect from your newsletters, this message will depend on what they signed up for.


Make your call to action (CTA) button more personal 

According to Hubspot, personalized CTA’s convert around 42% more people than a basic CTA does. A call to action is used for many things and by tailoring them to your product and the page that people are currently increases your chances of a prospect clicking on one and filling in the form. For example, if people are on your blog page, you should have a button offering them to “subscribe to the blog”, or on the about us page have a “keep in touch” button for the newsletter. Keeping it personal makes it easier for prospects to understand why they would want to click the CTA and makes your company more unique.


Lastly, don’t forget to A/B TEST all your changes but not at the same time to see what works best your website and your business. Please click subscribe if you enjoyed our latest post or if you want to keep updated on all the latest trends in lead generation! 


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