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Social Media trends
Social Media trends

5 Social Media trends you should be on top of in 2019!

Social media is constantly evolving and the trends and tricks from 2018 need to be adapted or changed completely to suit 2019’s digital stratosphere! In this article, we go through what trends we can expect in 2019. Some, we have already started to see, others are up and coming and we would like to share with you how you can utilize these trends in 2019!

1.     Social Listening

Social listening or monitoring is when the person who is in charge of your social media looks through the web and relevant social media platforms to find mentions of your brand – whether it is a hashtag, a tag, mentions on a blog or website. The main goal of social listening is to improve customer service and reputation management, however, there are others like, for the purpose of user generated content. In 2019, this will continue but it will also be used for lead generation and social selling. Some excellent social listening tools include Awario, Brand24 and Mention.


2.     Rebuild trust

There is so much going up on the web at the moment, it has become extremely important that the content you put up and send out is authentic and personal to your consumers and customers. This means that brands need to become more human and personal as opposed to sending out robotic, auto generated messages and content. One way of rebuilding trust is by developing a hashtag that speaks to your community of consumers and followers. This is more personal and increasing brand mentions for your social listening efforts. You can use this hashtag in content and as a result you get more “social” with your customers and prospects.


3.     Get those stories up

We all need to adapt to this new way of sharing content in real time and adapt our digital marketing strategies to suit these new formats. According to block story, stories are growing 15 times faster than feed sharing. If you are not creating stories, you need to start! These are meant to be consumed on the go with a mobile phone and should be highly creative and interesting to the viewer.


4.     Realtime

The future of marketing is timely responses and real time communication. Social media never sleeps, people continue to use your products, search your website and talk about your business online. We now have the tools to accommodate all the extra time online so in 2019, consumers will expect their queries to be answered in a timely fashion. This is the world we live in, people want an answer and they need it now. That means we need to be on the ball with our responses and get the right tools and chat bots to assist us in these endevours.


5.     Creative investment as well as ad investment

Paid advertisements on social media have made for a more competitive playing field. Social marketing budgets have been increased and there are more ads showing up on our timelines than ever before. So, what is the solution? For us, the best way to stand out from the crowd is to make sure that your content is creative, clever and entertaining. Develop a discussion about your brand rather than a broadcasted statement – that way people will remember what you and maybe click like on your page over other brands they see on their timeline.


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