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Direct Response
Direct Response

Direct Response, Direct Results

Direct response advertising, when deployed correctly, allows advertisers to get customers and potential customers to deploy actions that the advertiser cares about. Each response to given direct response advertisement can be measured as a result of a direct positive or direct negative response towards the advertised offer.

Direct response advertising is deliverable through many different media channels, including print, online media, radio, television and telemarketing.


To urge a consumer to respond immediately, a ‘device’ is employed: a direct response mechanism, provided through  the advertisement. Such a device can come in various forms: a coupon to cut and mail, a business reply card, a toll-free telephone number, or, on the internet, a hotspot to click. Most retail sale advertisements are direct response ads in one way or the other.


Let’s start getting into why direct response advertising outperforms for example, social advertising, on many levels.

To successfully pursue social advertising, you must  invest plenty of time, know how to deliver the message and to whom, and to construct a huge base of loyal followers. Often, setting up these social campaigns require external parties to get your brand, and the medium right, costing a small fortune to even get started. And then, the wait begins until result comes in.

While any form of marketing takes time, to persuade consumers to purchase a product from a brand that pops up in their timeline every while, it takes an incredible amount of time to wait for a response.


Direct contact through a clear CTA, in form of  cold calling, cold emailing or sending a direct offer that requires little consideration, prompts for an immediate response. Cold calling for example, is still an incredibly effective way to recruit new customers.

Yes, buy. No, move on.

However, calling cold requires some intel - you can’t just select a number from the list. You still deal with some sort of targeting, some type of people or a certain geographic area. That’s when lead generation comes in - hear me out.


In order to successfully deploy direct response advertising, you must first obtain the credentials of the people you are targeting, depending on the type of direct response device you intend to use. Online lead generation helps you to identify potential targets and allows you to contact them directly with an offer of your choosing.


The quality of your prospect list is the single most important influencing factor in your marketing success because it can eliminate your over-spending on marketing to uninterested prospects. If you exploit your list of qualified prospects the right way, you may generate tremendous amounts of revenue for your company from people who have true interest in your product or service. Within these list you can find demographic and geographic information, specified by you. With Online Lead Generation, you can focus only on prospects who are more likely than not your primary target audience for your product or service.




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