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Content Marketing Hacks
Content Marketing Hacks

6 Simple Content Marketing Hacks for Lead Generation

Lead generation can only get your business from A - Z so long as you ensure your content can fill the tank to get you there. Therefore, content marketing is essential to consistent long-term lead generation. If you do it right - using these hacks – we are sure it will assist you in converting a large portion of your leads to delighted clients.

Write meaningful content
Remember simple is best, and the first hack for content marketing is very straight forward: for Search Engine Optimization (SEO) purposes, content that exceeds 500 words or long-form content is always better. Why? Content that has more depth allows you to offer your consumers better value as well as the fact that Search Engines will love you for it. A blog is where you can start with that and build onto it to include videos and webinars (more on this later).


Use content appropriate pop-ups
Your lead generation pop-up ad efforts are only effective if you streamline your content to your pop-ups. If your users are reading about lead generation and an ad for dance classes pops up, they are probably going to click away because their attention is not on that track and if they do then you have lost a lead for your business. However, if a lead generation special pops up, there is a much higher chance they will engage with is because they are on that train of thought. Now, this is an extreme example used to demonstrate our point, but you get the picture. These have been referred to as content upgrades. For example, if your business is about health and fitness and the article is on an exercise regime, offering a pop-up ad in the form of an ebook for a weekly exercise plan in exchange for contact details is an effective content upgrade.


Link to webinars
Webinars have been and still are a highly effective lead generation tactic. However, webinars are useless if nobody knows about them. Therefore, you need to make sure that you promote them in the body of all your posts, emails and social media channels in the weeks prior and then after you have successfully conducted your webinar, rework them into videos for consumption after the fact. That way you can still accumulate leads through your old content making them only accessible through landing pages.


Use multi-touch content
Your content needs to be able to reach your target market at all levels. This means developing a marketing campaign that tells the same brand message across several channels. This approach needs to be streamlined across social media, billboards, flyers, blogging and email marketing. Too often people think that their message should change across platforms, no, your content should change but the message should stay the same.


Include tweetable quotes and make your content shareable
These simple but effective hacks will allow you to grow your following across various channels which invites more people to get involved with your brand. The twitter hack would need a program like Click to Tweet as it allows you to share direct from articles and posts. These generate leads from other users’ twitter accounts if they re-share direct from your website. Using these simple hacks ensures that if your content is worth sharing it is easy to share which in turn gets more people to see your content, bringing in more leads and potentially (hopefully) more clients.


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