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increase sales and conversions
increase sales and conversions

Tips and Tricks to increase sales and conversions

Obtaining more conversions is absolutely essential. A good conversion rate forms the foundation for a higher sales volume. So, how do you do that? We have a few tricks up our sleeve that can help you do that!

What is your websites GOAL?

What do you want to achieve with your website? Once you establish this you can determine how to get more conversions and in turn more sales. Therefore, the goal for your website should not be just to have visitors read the site, it should be to have the take action whether it is through purchasing, signing up to read the blog, order something or click something. Once you determine what you goal is, you can start testing to see if you are achieving it/them! If you need help doing those tests, you can have a look at our article on A/B testing here.


What thing (or things) of VALUE are you offering?

Your conversion rates potential is measured by the value of the offer you have placed. This makes it one of the most important factors to conversion rate. This is what makes the customer want to buy from you – it shows how you are helping them. Many people try and change the colour of the site or the CTA button when the first thing you should do to increase conversion rates is to strengthen your value proposition. So, what makes a good value offer?

-       You have to make it unique and better than your competitions offer;

-       You need to excel in one extremely valuable key factor for your target market – give them an offer they cannot refuse (this is usually determined through market research).


Have you set up you SALES funnel?

Often being too aggressive can ruin your conversion and sales rate, when you set up a sales funnel you ensure that you meet each level of your buyer’s conversion and sales journey. Starting with awareness, interest then converting and making the sale. If your only step is to sell and you leave out the opportunity for your lead to have a look into you company and browse a bit you may potentially lose them. How do you set up your funnel? Have a look at our comprehensive blog post and increase your sales and conversion while doing so.


Have you SIMPLIFIED your sentences?

When offering a potential buyer, a value proposition that you hope will get them to convert, it is best to keep things short, sweet and simple! Do not use overcomplicated business jargon, it does not make you look smart but rather deters the lead from signing up. This is because they have had to read your long-complicated offer and possibly got bored and moved onto something else. Clarity is key and you are writing an offer for a person and not a business.


Increasing trust, addressing their reasons for not wanting to click your CTA and communicating value are all other ways you can increase your conversions and sales TODAY! We wish you happy day of converting leads and generating sales. If these fantastic tips and tricks fail to assist you, please get in touch on for more information.


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